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If You Sleep With Your Feet On The Dash, You Could End Up Like Her

There's a reason safety officials recommend you sit upright in the car.

Sure, it may be uncomfortable for long periods of time, but it could save your life.

Just ask 22-year-old Bethany, who was driving home with her boyfriend when she started to feel sleepy. She wasn't the one driving, so she figured she'd take a little snooze. Bethany put her feet up on the dash, reclined her seat, and fell sound asleep.

When she woke up, Bethany was in the hospital fighting for her life.

A little while after Bethany fell asleep, she and her boyfriend were involved in a chain reaction car accident. Their car ended up going full-speed into the semi-truck in front of them. The impact was so severe, it completely destroyed the front end of their Pontiac.

Even someone who was sitting properly wouldn't walk away unscathed. For Bethany's boyfriend, he required 100 stitches to fix his injuries. Unfortunately for Bethany, her injuries were fare more severe.

Bethany's feet were totally crushed during the accident, shattering all the bones in her feet into millions of pieces. The force of the airbags shot Bethany's legs back and forced them into her own face, shattering her nose, cheekbone, and even an eye socket.

Now, 6 years later, Bethany is still reliant on pain pills to get her through the day. She's hoping other people will learn from her mistake and not risk their lives trying to get more comfortable. While she knows the car accident still would have injured her, it would have been nothing compared to what she is dealing with today.

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