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If You Sleep With Your Feet On The Dash, You Could End Up Like Her

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There's a reason safety officials recommend you sit upright in the car.

Sure, it may be uncomfortable for long periods of time, but it could save your life.

Just ask 22-year-old Bethany, who was driving home with her boyfriend when she started to feel sleepy. She wasn't the one driving, so she figured she'd take a little snooze. Bethany put her feet up on the dash, reclined her seat, and fell sound asleep.

When she woke up, Bethany was in the hospital fighting for her life.

A little while after Bethany fell asleep, she and her boyfriend were involved in a chain reaction car accident. Their car ended up going full-speed into the semi-truck in front of them. The impact was so severe, it completely destroyed the front end of their Pontiac.

Continue reading to find out her exact injuries, and what the car looked like.

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