IKEA's New Restaurant Lets You DIY Your Dinner

IKEA is famous for its furniture that you have to assemble yourself, usually with a tiny little Allen Key. The frustrating attempts to build the furniture with the tiny little tool are counteracted by how affordable their prices are. IKEA also is pretty successful with their restaurants, serving tasty Swedish dishes to the customers at an affordable price. IKEA has taken their "Build it Yourself" philosophy one step further and has announced that they are opening a Do-it-Yourself Restaurant".


Not sure about you, but when I go to a restaurant it is because I am too lazy to cook. But apparently this restaurant is for people who like (or want to like) hosting dinner parties for a larger number of guests. You will also benefit from the supervision of a chef, which is helpful for those like me who can burn water.


IKEA explains the concept of their thought process: "diners will orchestrate an intimate foodie experience in a homely kitchen environment to mimic an actual dinner party, but one where diners can host many more guests than usual". You will however get the chance to test out your skills on some Scandinavian cuisine and add them to your personalized menu. The restaurant is called The Dining Club and IKEA hopes that it will help people connect.

"We bond and connect over the everyday process of cooking meals together so to celebrate this firmly held belief, we are opening The Dining Club to bring people together to enjoy a meal from beginning to end. This will take place in an environment that reflects a homely kitchen, so you can host a dinner party for all of your friends," Ellie Pniok - commercial manager for IKEA Food

For now, The Dining Club is only in Shoreditch, east London and will be open between September 10th to September 25th. Spots are filling up fast, probably due to the fact that the experience is claiming to be free of charge for all participants, but if you want to try and get a spot check it out their online reservation form here.

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