This Adorable Picture Of A Back-To-School Doggie Was Controversial, So Reddit Removed It.

When Nikki, (@MuchNikkiSoWow) her pup, Harley's back-to-school picture on Reddit's r/aaw she dedicated it to her mother, "who will never have human grandchildren."

Not every woman has or wants human children. When Nikki put this adorable backpack on her beautiful dog Harley, she thought that it would make for a cute photo to dedicate to her mom. Since so many mothers of toddlers are posting adorable shots of their baby's first day of school, she didn't want her mother to feel left out.

The picture was so cute, it made it to the first page of the section!

It had over 2,000 upvotes, but then, it was taken down.

The explanation given was that it broke the first rule of the section: "Your title must be "100% happy".  Nikki's title was, "Chances are my mother will never have human grandchildren. I just really didn't want her to feel left out this year." The picture was taken down, but the rest of the post remained.

The comments section was completely positive - most people wanted to know where they could get Harley's backpack!

Or her namesake fashion accessory:

People with human babies AND fur babies complimented her on the sweet snap:

So, what do you think? Does the headline merit a take-down of this puppy's pic? Or did moderators miss the mark?

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