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Impressive Trick Shots You Wish You Could Do

I can't make a regular shot in pool, and this kid can do this! Matthew Webber started his Facebook page in 2014 showing off all the crazy tricks he can do. It is ridiculously impressive what he is able to accomplish. It makes me feel better to pretend that these shots took hours to film, because it is unfair how talented he is. His latest video was shared by the People are Awesome page and has now gone viral, being viewed over 2 million times.


I don't understand how this even works. I guess it's physics, but I still don't understand.

The internet is filled with information on how to do shots like this, but it kind of spoils the fun of just watching a kid like this have such a different skill set. He seems really surprised by his success, in his Facebook bio he talks about how he first got into doing trick shots:

Me and my dad would always play games such as 8 ball and 9 ball. But it was nothing serious. Until one day my dad showed me a video of world known trick shot artist Florian Venom Kohler. I was amazed and had to try out some trickshots! So i went all over the internet searching facts about pool and doing some simple but cool trick

Since he started getting more views he started being asked onto TV shows and for interviews.

Then i just kept practicing and my skill level got higher as the school year ended. So i thought me and my brother should make a third video. Then when it came out Florian Venom Kohler shared the video on Facebook and it ended up with 250 million views and counting! Then i started getting calls about me doing TV shows and interviews with things such as mtv, tmz, and getting put on ESPN, The Steve Harvey Talk Show, Little Big Shots, Galileo (germany), Superkids (Germany), etc.

Here is the video that was the start of this kids viral career.

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