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In Japan, Old Dogs Go To This Relaxing Retirement Home

According to the International Business Times, there are more dogs in Japan than children - and we mean a lot more, 20 million dogs compared to only 16 or 17 million children.

So in a county that loves dogs so much, it's not surprising that caring owners can send their aging dogs to a retirement home. At Roken Honpo, which roughly translates to "Old Dog Head Office," dogs are looked after by a local vet and staff who keep these pampered pooches comfortable.

Attendants feed, wash, and even change diapers for some elderly dogs. Some of them even use wheelchairs to get around, which isn't that surprising. Nene, one of the dogs in this video, is 17 - that's like 84 in people years.

If you've got a wise, old dog who needs to be looked after, and you live in Japan (that part is kind of important) you can get them a bed at Roken Honpo starting at just $660 a month for a small dog.

That may seem costly, but if you've ever had an old dog you know how important it is to keep them comfortable in the time they have left. The staff at this clinic are doing important work!

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