Top 8 Most Incredibly Decorated Cakes Of Instagram

These cakes are so awesome we don't want to eat them; but then, we do, because it's CAKE. So, TORN.

Thank goodness for modern technology - now we can snap a pic and dig in without feeling guilty for demolishing these works of art.

Check out these incredible cakes of Instagram and tell us which ones you like the best!

Elysia Root Cakes - This incredibly intricate cake is part of the #ChicagoStyleWeddings Designers' Challenge.

Tuck-Box Cakes - Now THIS is a Birthday cake! 5 layer chocolate cake covered by vanilla biscuit booze bottles!

B Cake NY - Is this a cake or a glam boot? Hard to tell, but it's definitely a cake  - incredible!

Avalon Cakes - This masterpiece really is a cake. All of the proceeds from the sale of this cake go directly to Project Night Night, an organization that provides sleep essentials for homeless children.

Richards Cakes - This amazing Ratatouille cake has so many details, we could look at it all day!

Cuisine Deh - This naked cake looks rusticly delicious.

Laura Loukaides - This cake is called "The Big Eater" - that's mighty impressive!

Dolce Vita Sweets - channelling the little girl in all of us, this beautiful carousel is princess perfect.

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