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[VIDEO] Incredibly Lucky Couple Survive Horrifying Seconds As Tornado Passes Over Their Car

As this couple drives through near-empty streets, it seems like nothing more than a fierce rain storm is passing overhead.

But within seconds, the sky grows darker and the wind whips up into a frenzy. As he holds tightly to the wheel, he does his best to control the car against the raging gusts that blow debris into his path.

Narrowly missing an oncoming van, his vision is obscured by a flying plants, and grey dust that swirls around them.

A tornado overtakes their little car and at the end of the terrifying 0:56 seconds the whirling wind tunnel appears to have dropped a woman on the side of the road - right next to their car. She crouches down, trembling and then sits up stunned as the tornado dissipates.

Watch every insane second as it unfolds below:

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