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Injured, Alone, And Lost: This Cat Has Been Saving Hikers For Years

It's every hiker's nightmare. Being alone on a mountain, injured, and lost.

In mountains of Switzerland, there lives a cat who seemingly exists just to help stranded hikers find their way back to safety.

One man shared his story on Reddit, explaining how he found himself completely lost in the mountains with no one with him and no one around. He found the path back to civilization, but it was closed. That's when this furry friend showed up and guided the hiker all the way down the mountain to his hotel. The cat would occasionally stop and wait for the hiker to catch up.

Once people saw the story, they each started sharing their own adventures with the four-legged hero. Apparently this little guy has helped many people through the mountains, and even just comes to say hi if you're in the neighborhood.

So much for cats not being friendly!

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