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Innocent Kitten Was Barely Alive For Two Months When This Shelter Put Her On Death Row.

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Sweet baby Olive was born with three legs and an underdeveloped sternum and ribs, which left her little heart vulnerable.

When Olive and her litter mates were brought to the Philadelphia shelter, her siblings were adopted almost immediately, but Olive's fragile condition meant that she would require extensive surgery - something the shelter just couldn't afford. So, Olive was 'timestamped' (put at risk for euthanasia).

Thankfully, a woman named Holly Dixon saw little Olive on Facebook and noticed she was on the urgent list.

Dixon told The Dodo. "I help run the Philly Urgents Facebook page, and the shelter sends us the list of any 'timestamped,' or urgent cats, so we can help promote them to find rescues, adopters or fosters."

Dixon contacted The Philly Kitty Rescue and they agreed to take Olive in under Dixon's care as her foster mama.

"Aside from her missing leg, she appeared to be a normal kitten when I met her at the shelter," Dixon said. "It wasn't until I put my hand under her to lift her from the carrier that I could literally feel her tiny heart beating against my hand. That's when I really understood the enormity of her situation."

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