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Inverted Aquariums Let You Meet Face To Face With Your Fish

Fish are great pets because they're so easy to look after. You feed them, clean their tank, and apart from that they take care of themselves.

The downside is that unlike dog and cat owners, fish people can't really bond with their pets. Mostly they just swim around, happily ignoring you unless you're holding the food can.

Well finally, there's a way to get up close and personal with your fish. The inverted aquarium, also called the bottomless aquarium or anti gravity aquarium, is basically a big, empty tank without a bottom.

You put the tank into the water, suck out the air and water will flow in. Then, your fish can swim in and out when they like, so you can finally meet eye to eye. If you still don't get it, watch one get installed in this video:

Pretty neat, right? If you want to make your own, there are lots of guides online for all kinds of tanks and ponds. Better yet, some businesses will set up a nice looking aquarium for you. Add-A-Sphere installs stunning orbs that are great for backyard koi ponds.

If you're wondering why all the fish are so happy to swim around in their sphere, the company also sells special feeding tools, so owners can fill the little aquariums with fish food and enjoy watching their fish swim around inside any time.

Some of these homemade tanks are pretty impressive. TChelmut on YouTube made himself his own fish skyscraper.

If you don't have a backyard pond, you can still make yourself a snazzy indoor version of this cool project. Some creative folks have used a U-shaped acrylic tank to link together a pair of tanks with an adorable fish bridge.

Other people add a smaller "fish tower" to their tank. This lets you add tall plants or other cool features to really make the most of your tank space.

So if you're obsessed with making your own inverted aquarium now, go ahead and give it a shot. We bet fish love the new perspective they get from climbing up to the top of their towers and looking around. It's like mountain climbing, but for fish.

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