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Is An "Apple Mirror" The Next Big Thing In Technology?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, I need an Uber, so make the call.

Have you ever found yourself getting ready for work and wanted to know the weather? Well, instead of reaching for your smartphone, why not just look right on your new Smart Mirror?

A man has developed a "Smart Mirror" that works on the same system as an iPhone, so you can run all of your favorite apps while you get ready. You can check the weather, or message friends, or even order your Uber to work!

It essentially operates like a giant iPad, except it is a a mirror. So while you do your makeup or brush your teeth you can be watching Netflix or catching up on the news.

For now it is just a prototype made by designer Rafael Dymek, but with the way technology has been advancing I doubt it'll take long before someone starts to manufacture these for distribution.

Check out the video below and see if you would be interested in getting a smart mirror. It's perfect for those people who can't stop looking at there phones!

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