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It Wasn't Until This Rescue Dog Started To Panic That They Realized What She Could Do

When Piper the dog met her new human mom, she was too afraid to even let herself be touched. The beautiful, golden furred pup would cower away from any kind of affection and couldn't' even make eye contact.

She had clearly suffered in her previous home and was likely abused. She was severely malnourished and was infected with heart worms.

Her new mom, Airrowathia on imgur, posted about their story that had an unexpected twist:

At the shelter, Piper was too afraid to even allow herself to be touched.

She cowered away from any kind of affection.

She suffered from heart worms and severe malnutrition, and was clearly abused in her former home.

I adopted her immediately, took her to the closest pet shop, and bought her new toys. This is her first time home, probably her first time in a bed.

A little while after adopting her, we noticed that she would start to panic and claw at me shortly before one of my "episodes."

Within a few weeks, we realized she could warn me before they happened. We talked to my cardiologist, and he confirmed she was sensing the changes in me that preceded my seizures.

He suggested we get her registered and trained as a service animal ASAP. Soon she could warn me before they started, and would go with me to the hospital when they were severe enough for a trip.

Now she goes everywhere with me. She's absolutely amazing. She's back to a healthy weight, heart worm-free, and loving life.

I couldn't love her more if I tried.

Moral of the story? Give an animal even the simplest gesture of love and they will return it to you tenfold!

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