Italian Police Cook This Couple Dinner After 911 Call

An elderly Italian couple were treated to something rare...dinner cooked for them by the cops!

Rome police were called to a home after neighbors heard shouting and crying inside a small apartment. Turns out, the couple had just been overwhelmed by the upsetting stories they had seen on the news and that's what triggered their emotional response. When police showed up, they confirmed there was no crime, but rather just two people in need of some friendship.

Jole, 89, and Michele, 94, have been married for almost 70 years. They rarely get visitors to their apartment, and the police department figured since they were already there, why not do a good deed? Their Facebook page posted the story to followers, expressing how important it is to spread the good of humanity.

The dinner? Spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese.

Check out this picture from the dinner. Looks like everyone is having a great time!

Questura di Roma

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