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It's National Bird Day, So Celebrate With Our 10 Favorite Birds

Did you remember to get the birds in your life a gift? It's not too late to put a little seed in your backyard.

National bird day isn't the most famous holiday, but it deserves to be! Birds don't get the attention that other animals like cats and dogs do, but they can be just as cute, funny, weird, and amazing as they are.

To prove it, we've collected 10 our of favorites. These birds are incredible singers, criminal masterminds, and world class dancers, so today is a good day to recognize their talents.

So shake your tail feather and check out this list!

1. Cookie - the penguin who loves being tickled

2. Harley the cockatoo - who keeps herself entertained

3. Rhea - the bald parrot (and her amazing sweaters)

4. This penguin - whose friends are very concerned about him

5. This parrot - who does a great impression of Sia

6. This raven - who's better at puzzles than I am

7. This owl - who doesn't appreciate being tricked

8. This funky bird of paradise

9. This sleepy duckling

10. Sam the seagull - who risked his freedom for Doritos

Did we miss one of your favorite birds? Let us know!

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