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It's Not Even Christmas Yet, And Herman The Cat Is Already Exhausted

A few months ago we wrote about Herman, the Danish exotic short hair cat whose enormous peepers make him look like he's always distressed. His signature look made him an Instagram celebrity right away, proving that your differences are what make you special.

There's nothing wrong with Herman, he just has unusually big eyes. When he was a kitten, they were actually so big that he couldn't close them, meaning he had to sleep with his eyes open!

Thankfully, Herman's grown into his huge eyes now, so he can get the beauty sleep he needs and help his owner prepare for Christmas. He even sports his own adorable elf costume!

Herman doesn't really appreciate presents yet, but you can tell the Christmas spirit is growing on him. After all, we all look a little like Herman when we have to go to the mall this time of year.

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