It's Back To School At Hogwarts and Soon You'll Be Able To Go Too!

That's right wizards and witches, today Kings Cross Station will be filled with owls and toads as all the magical community sends their kids back to school. But now, the Muggle world is doing it's best to celebrate with them by announcing a Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, Philidephia.

The festival will begin with a train ride on the "Hogwarts Express" with special guests Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and more, you will be welcomed to the Wizarding World by all your favorite characters.

You then have the opportunity to get sorted into your Hogwarts house by the one and only Sorting Hat.



Once you have been sorted, you can dust off your house robes and cheer on your Quidditch team at the "Brotherly Love Cup" Tournament. And because the festival knows how to have fun, there will even be a Butter Beer Pub Crawl. This festival means business.

There are live animals, there is a Hogsmeade shopping experience and Horcrux Stations. There is nothing left out! The campus of the Chestnut Hill College provides their mock-Hogwarts backdrop and does a surprisingly impressive impression of the famous Wizarding School.

There is no shortage of Harry Potter fans worldwide, patiently waiting for an owl to drop off their Hogwarts letter. Until that letter arrives, at least we can go to Philly and pretend!

The festival takes place the weekend of October 21-22. Admission to several of the events is free (including the Quidditch Tournament and the Street Fair). The Harry Potter Conference does have a $10 registration fee but is open to the public. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 10 am for the pub crawl so get those travel plans ready now!


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