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Jamie Oliver Just Alienated Customers With This New Rule

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Even if you don't know exactly who Jamie Oliver is, you've probably heard his name. The British chef has been in the public eye since 1999 when his show The Naked Chef premiered on the BBC.

Since then, he has gone on to host 30 different TV shows and specials, as well as release 22 cookbooks and open three restaurants across the world.

Jamie Oliver turned some heads this week when it was announced that baby strollers were no longer welcome inside his restaurant, Fifteen. It's not a ban of children, though. Still, it makes it a lot harder to enjoy a family dinner when you can't bring your children in their strollers.

It's especially odd to some people that Jamie Oliver is choosing to make this ban, considering he himself has 5 kids. He of all people should know what it's like to try and find dining establishments that welcome children!

"Despite our child being asleep and there being empty tables with lots of space around them, we were told this was the policy," said one mom, who had already carried her stroller down a steep set of stairs. "Considering Jamie has five kids we were very shocked."

But despite all the controversy, Oliver's restaurant management team doesn't seem to think there's an issue with the ban.

Continue reading to find out how they are defending their decision.

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