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Jamie Oliver Bans Baby Strollers From His Restauarnt

Jamie Oliver turned some heads this week when it was announced that baby strollers were no longer welcome inside his restaurant, Fifteen. It's not a ban of children, though. Management says babies are welcome to sit in the restaurant's own high chairs, or parents can bring them in their car seats or baby carriers. Still, it makes it a lot harder to enjoy a family dinner when you cant bring your children.

Some people are not happy about the father of five's decision to enforce this rule at his restaurant.

"Despite our child being asleep and there being empty tables with lots of space around them, we were told this was the policy," said one mom, who had already carried her stroller down a steep set of stairs.

But if you look at it from the restaurant's point of view, it does make sense. The restaurant isn't overly spacious, and with hot food, heavy trays, and a full waitstaff all flying around, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine a tray of hot soup falling on someone because there was no room around a stroller. That's not a good outcome for anyone.

In the end, it's ultimately Jamie Oliver's decision on what he thinks is best for his business. He may lost some customers, but he will gain a more spacious dining environment.

What do you think? Did Oliver go too far?

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