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Japan Froze 5,000 Fish In A Skating Rink As A Tourist Attraction

An amusement park in Japan, Space World, has been forced to shut down one of their popular attractions after it received an absurd amount of negative backlash.

Space World recently opened a skating rink at their park, but it's not like a normal rink. It has 5000 fish frozen under the surface as a decorative effect. Customers can see the creatures as they skate along. The fish are arranged to form the word 'hello' and an arrow.

Space World has been slammed with criticism, calling their rink 'unethical.' A spokesperson for the park, Koji Shibata, released a statement, saying:

"We received critical voices saying it is not good to use creatures as a toy, and that it is bad to let food go to waste. We wanted customers to experience the feeling of skating on the sea, but after receiving criticism, we decided that we could not operate it any more.  We are planning to hold a memorial service for the fish inviting a Shinto priest, which we'd planned before getting criticized."

Space World will hold a memorial service after they have melted the rink.

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