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"Jedi Elsa-Rey" Is The Most Adorable Mash-Up Costume You Could Imagine

A little girl was the star of a Wizard World Comic Con when she arrived in the most adorable cross-over costume. Stormie couldn't choose between her two favorite characters Elsa from "Frozen", and Rey from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" so she decided to be both! Combining both costumes into one adorable cosplay, featuring Elsa's signature braid and Rey's staff and lightsaber, the little girl was ready to take on the convention.

She was fully decked out in her Frozen-themed Rey gear, with her robes all in the Elsa-blue but designed as a perfect little replica of Rey's costume. The Reddit user explained how they had the robe, shirt and pants all custom made at a local dress shop.

They adjusted the staff from a plastic replica to make it stronger and look more weathered. They repainted it, added some padding and redid the strap to match her costume. She was fully outfitted, down to the arm wraps and leather belts which were all custom made.  

Her hair was braided by a family member who made sure she would be able to represent the now classic style that is associated with the Queen of Arendelle.

She was even gifted a tiny Lego version of her newly developed hero of "Jedi Elsa-Rey", complete with her own BB-8 and Olaf sidekicks.

When she got to the convention, people were obviously in love with her little costume. She was lucky enough to meet her sister Anna, who she challenged to a lightsaber fight, and posed for a picture with another Elsa cosplayer!

Her mother shared that there were other people there who fell over when she used the force on them!

We can't wait to see what she dressed up as next year!

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