He Should Have Known That You Can't Beat A Kitty At Jenga

There's nothing like playing with your pets.

Tossing a ball for your gleeful pup as he scampers across the yard, running through the house with a wand and string toy as your crazy kitten follows madly behind.

But, for the refined pet owner, particularly ones whose cats are too smart for their own good, we recommend Jenga.

Sure, it doesn't have lights or smell like catnip, but we assure you that it fulfills a much deeper pleasure for your cat - the joy of being a jerk.

You know what we mean:



Cats like to knock things over, it's science. Pet owner, Alan Palesko, knows this, so he set up a tower of blocks for his cat, Moe, who clearly would prefer a game of chess.

Cat makes his move, yawn. Then human, but he chose an easy block. Cat's turn again, clearly this is child's play for Moe.

Do you have a genius, jerk cat? Have you tried Jenga? Let us know in the comments below - Don't forget to Like & Share!

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