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'Jeopardy!' Contestant Who Passed Away Won Over $100,000 For Cancer Research

After an emotional and unpredictable six game winning streak, Cindy Stowell, the Jeopardy! contestant who competed while she only had months to live, finally lost last night. While she taped her episodes in August, Stowell died on December 5th, just eight days before her first episode aired on television.

Stowell, or "Cindy!", as she wrote her name at the start of each game, ended her run with a total of $105,803, after promising she would donate most of her winnings to cancer research.

While fans were already glued to their TVs to see how Stowell did each day, the eight games she competed in were unusually close, and Stowell often trailed behind other contestants for most of her games before managing to win by clinching the final question.

On Tuesday, Stowell was in second place during Final Jeopardy, but correctly guessed that Michael Phelps was born in Maryland, winning her 6th game.

The show's host, Alex Trebek, shared a special message with the audience about Stowell at the end of Wednesday's game.

In a statement posted on their website, Jeopardy!'s producers expressed their condolences to Stowell's family, and revealed that they had sent Stowell her prize money before she passed, along with copies of her first three games so she could watch them with her family.

Stowell's family also flew in from across the country to sit in the audience for her games, including her boyfriend Jason Hess, who revealed last week that Stowell was on painkillers and suffering from a high fever during her winning streak.

While fans may have wished Stowell could have kept on winning, a six day streak is an impressive record for any contestant, and Stowell's courage as well as her generosity mean that she'll be remembered by Jeopardy! fans for years to come.

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