Jerry Lewis Can't Be Bothered To Care About This Interviewer's Questions

After an almost 70 year-long career in the public eye, you must feel like you've said everything you want to.

That might be why Jerry Lewis responds mainly with one word answers in this new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The magazine interviewed Lewis as part of a series on people 90 and over who are still working in the entertainment industry. With a lifetime of experience on the stage, TV, and in films, 90-year-old Lewis must have seemed like the perfect interview subject.

But the interview, which even THR called "the most painfully awkward interview of 2016," didn't reveal a lot about the actor.

We know from years of hit films and Labor Day telethons that Lewis can really turn on the charm when he wants to, so he simply must not want to in this interview with THR's Andy Lewis.

Andy writes that when he came to Lewis' home for the interview, the star was watching TV and didn't seem happy to be disturbed. By the time the cameras were set up an hour later, Lewis was ready to call it a day, and this painful video was the result.

The first question manages to sum up their interaction pretty well. When Andy asks whether Lewis had ever considered retiring, the answer he gets back is an angry "Why?!" Twice.

Luckily the interview wasn't all bad. After being asked about the happiest and most creative time in his career, Lewis answers that it's when his comedy partner, Dean Martin, was still alive, calling their connection "terrific."

He clamped up again shortly after though. When Andy asked what made the two work together so well, Lewis offered to show him some material, "you'll know."

After a painful seven minutes, everyone involved seems to decide the interview has reached its conclusion. Lewis says one last goodbye to the assistants and their gear, telling them to "clean it out of here."

And they say getting older mellows you out!

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