Jerry Lewis Had An Affair With Marilyn Monroe

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Sadly, Jerry Lewis passed away recently, leaving a hole in the comedy world. His sense of comedic timing was nothing short of legendary and will be remembered forever.

Though he was a leading man in many films, Lewis was hardly viewed as a Golden Age Heartthrob.

In an interview with GQ magazine in 2011, Lewis was asked about his time as a comedy legend during the height of his fame with Dean Martin.

The duo was making about $15,000 a week, which in 1950 was an even bigger deal than it would be now.

"They were sensational. Magnificent," Don Rickles said of the duo. "Jerry was a wonderful all-around clown. I wouldn't say he was a great talker, but physically, facially, and everything, he was a riot. And Dean onstage was dynamite—a charming guy. A guy with style."

But of everything the duo loved about their fame, Lewis had one thing he loved the most: his sex life.

"This is when I'm f****** everybody in Hollywood," he told GQ flatly. After Lewis and Martin split, the rumor was that Lewis would sleep with all of his leading ladies from the movies he starred in. He joked that it wasn't true, saying some of his co-stars weren't attractive enough.

Lewis pointed out Agnes Moorehead, saying she wasn't attractive enough for him to have an affair with.O MUNDO DE MARCO

But it's what Lewis had to say about Monroe that really caught the attention of the interviewer.

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