Jessica Lange Opened Up About Relationship With Sam Shepard Right Before His Death

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In Hollywood, where break-ups seem to be unusually high, it's safe to say that maintaining a high profile relationship is by no means easy. Many celebrities tend to keep their romantic entanglements under wraps, but when you're as famous as Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard the public is watching your every move.

Paul Hawthorne

Lange and Shepard were together for almost 30 years after meeting on the set of their 1982 film Frances. The pair were never too keen about discussing their private lives with the media, but since going their separate ways in 2009, both of them have opened up a bit about their "tumultuous" relationship.

In fact, Lange spoke about her former partner right before the news of his death surfaced.

“I wouldn’t call Sammy easygoing and funny, but everybody has their dark side, and he always does it with a sense of humor,” Lange told AARP magazine in the revealing interview published just hours before the world learned of his passing.

Vanity Fair

The late actor and Pulitzer prize winner died of complications from ALS on Thursday July 27 at the age of 73. Even after his split from Lange, they remained close and Shepard spoke about their longtime romance in a rare interview a few years ago.

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