Jesus 'Appears' On Wall In Nigeria, Church Begins Praying

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A church in Lagos, Nigeria has become a site for pilgrims to flee to after an image of Jesus is believed to have appeared on a wall.

The Holy Ghost Fire Apostolic Church is currently under construction, but one of the walls will most likely never be touched again after what some worshipers spotted. One of the workers saw what he assumed to be an image of Jesus Christ and began screaming in awe.

The man gained so much attention that others came to see what the commotion was, and were all in awe as well. The church has become a Mecca of sorts as people from all over the area are coming to see the image of Christ and pray for healing.

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"I saw Jesus Christ on the cross and this is a sign that my prayers will be answered," said Mrs Stella Amuse, who traveled 25 miles to go see the image.

Continue reading to see the image on the wall, and to find out how many daily visitors the site is now receiving.

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