Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Prove They're In Sync

You've seen them on Saturday Night Live and on the Tonight Show together, so you know that watching Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake play off each other is simply hilarious.  Whether they're having a rap battle, opening a show, or throwing back to the 90's song "Ironic" in a sketch, these two are guaranteed to leave you laughing. The chemistry between these two hilarious guys is unmistakable and you can clearly tell they spend time together off-screen.

JT and JF met at the 2002 VMAs, where it was a huge turning point in their careers. Jimmy was hosting the show, while the ex-N'Sync member was making his performance debut as a solo artist. They encouraged each other and both ended up having good nights! From that night forward, they have called on each other to participate in sketches on Saturday Night Live, as well as working together on The Tonight Show.

Here are some classic cases that  show how Jimmy and Justin are a comedy duo to be reckoned with!

Well that was great for a laugh! Looking forward to more comedy from Justin and Jimmy in the days, weeks, months and years to come.


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