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Every Halloween He Challenges Parents To Do Something That Is Sure To Make Their Kids Cry

It all started 5 years ago, in 2011, Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to his adult viewers: tell your kids that you've eaten all of their Halloween candy, film it and post it on YouTube.

He honestly didn't expect the reactions, or the flood of videos that came from the challenge. Every year since, we've been treated to videos of sneaky moms and dads tricking their kids into thinking they've eaten all the candy. Before Jimmy reveals this years tricks - check out the past five years of treats!

2011 - You Sneaky Mom!

CJ and Jake's video was the highlight of the season, with over 18 million views on YouTube that year! Obviously, Jimmy interviews the cuties:

2012 - Who's Jimmy Krinidel?

2013 - Mama! Why do you do that every Halloween?

2014 - You ruined my life!

2015 - I don't want to see you ever again, go get a job!

Stay tuned for this year's Halloween video!

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