You Probably Don't Know His Name, But Every Single One Of His Movies Were Nominated For Best Picture

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Having a movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture is a huge deal. With the number of movies that are produced every year it can be a long time in between actors being involved in a nominated project. For the late actor John Cazale, he went a perfect five for five on his movies.

And So It Begins...

Cazale was an Italian-American actor born in Massachusetts. He wanted to be an actor from the time he a little boy, but acting jobs were scarce even for the Boston University grad. He worked a series of jobs to support himself while he tried to make his dream come true, including working as a cab driver, and as a messenger for an oil company. It was during his time at the oil company that he got his big break at the same time as making one of his best friends, Al Pacino. Pacino also worked for the oil company, and he saw great potential in his new friend.

The Guardian

β€œI instantly thought he was so interesting when I first met him,” said Al Pacino. β€œHe had a very congenial way of expressing himself.”

When Pacino finally landed his breakout role in The Godfather, he knew that Cazale would be perfect for the movie, and he helped him land the role of Fredo Corleone. This was only the first of three movies that he would act in alongside Pacino.

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