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John Cena Is Brought To Tears After His Biggest Fans Surprise Him With An Award

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It's not everyday you see a 6'1", 250 pound pro wrestler brought to tears by a little kid, but that's just what happened to John Cena.

The WWE superstar has inspired countless fans since he debuted in 2004, with his signature do or die attitude and his motto "never give up." But the burly wrestler also has a softer side that he likes to show off.

In the ring, Cena is known as a record breaker for his 13 reigns as WWE Champion, but he set an even more impressive record outside the ring in 2015. That's when Cena granted his 500th Make-A-Wish, inviting a terminally ill child to meet him in person.

Since granting his first Make-A-Wish in 2004, Cena has been making sick children smile ever since, granting more wishes than any other celebrity in the charity's history. He says he just wants to give these children "a day as a real kid," and an "experience that will stay with them forever."

But recently, some of the people Cena has inspired through the years paid him back. In the emotional video Cena arrives on set to read some touching fan mail, and has no idea what's really in store for him.

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