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Join In On Movember With These Knit Mustaches

Whether you can't grow facial hair, or you just want to have a better 'stache than you can grow, a knitted mustache can be the best way to show your support for Movember.

This pattern is super easy to complete, even for beginner knitters. You can choose whatever color yarn you want, matching it to your hair color or doing something wild!

These make great gifts and costumes for anyone in your family and let you join in on the Movember events, which is raising awareness for prostate cancer!

You can either knit one mustache, or knit two of the same pattern and stuff them with cotton to make them a little poof-ier. Whatever you prefer!


2 knitting needles, size 3.5mm

Yarn of your choosing, preferably a heavier one for structure

Cotton (if you're stuffing the mustache)

Wool Needle (again, if you're stuffing the mustache)


CO - Cast on

K -Knit

P -Purl

K F&B - Knit front and back

K2tog- Knit two together

BO - Bind off


CO 1K1F&BP2K1, K1F&BP3K1, K2F&BP5BO1, K to last 1, K1F&BP5BO1, K to last 1, K2F&BP6K to last 1, K1F&BP7K1F&B, K to last 1, K1F&BP9K2F&B, K to endP11K2F&B, K to endP13BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)P10BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)P7BO1, K1, K2tog(x2)P4K1, K3F&BP7K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&BP10K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&BP13K2tog(x2), K to endP11K2tog(x2), K to endP9K2tog(x2), K to last 2, K2togP7K to last 2, K2togP6K1F&B, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)P5K1F&B, K to last 2, K2togP5K1, K2tog(x2)P3K1, K2togP2K2togBO1

Will you be trying this knitting pattern? Let us know! And don't forget to send us your pictures of the finished project in the comments!

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