Judge Hands Incredible Verbal Smackdown To Parents Who Abused Their Own Daughter

Judge Shannon Holmes was not at a loss for words when she sentenced Jasmine Gordon and Clifford Daniel Thomas, who were charged with neglect after Gordon's daughter died from abusive injuries.

Three-year-old Jamila Smith was rushed to the hospital because she wasn't breathing, but neither Gordon or Thomas would cooperate with the medical technicians and explain what happened. When explaining it to Jamila's father, Dwayne Smith, Jasmine Gordon said "look at the police report, she ran into a wall." That was not the case.

Jamila suffered over 50 injuries at the time of her death, none of which were self-inflicted.

Judge Shannon Holmes was beyond outraged when sentencing the couple. And rightly so. Watch her extremely impassioned speech to Gordon and Thomas.

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