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Judy Garland's Daughter Opens Up About Her Mother's Addiction

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Judy Garland is undoubtedly one of the best entertainers to ever grace our screens and stages. The Wizard of Oz star stole America's heart as she journeyed back to Kansas and her sweet voice sang Over the Rainbow.

But as far as reality went, life wasn't a bright and smooth yellow brick road for Judy. The actress had to navigate through bumps and curves for a good chunk of her life despite the happy appearance she put on for the public.

Earlier this year, the late entertainer's ex-husband Sid Luft spoke out about the troubling activities that went on behind the scenes of Wizard of Oz. Luft revealed that some of the munchkin actors molested the actress on set and got away with it.

A few months after Luft's interview, the couple's daughter, Lorna Luft, is opening up about another side of her mother the world wasn't used to seeing.

While the iconic actress was good at keeping mum about her personal life, she struggled with being in the spotlight and at some point in her career, she turned to drugs as a solace. This took an immense toll on her family and relationships.

In an interview with Australian TV show Studio 10, Lorna blamed the pressures of show business and Hollywood studio system for her mother's "disease of addiction."

"I do think my mother was a victim of the studio system," the singer said. "It also gave her the ability to channel her talent to all of us. It was a real double-edged sword."

Lorna also shared some intimate details about how her family dealt with the unforgettable Judy's addiction. Click on the next page to find out what she says.

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