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Keep Your Christmas Merry With These Holiday Safety Tips

It may be hard to imagine, with all the happiness and cheer, but every year Christmas injuries spoil the holidays for families across the country.

In fact, America's Consumer Product Safety Commission (the CPSC) reported that last Christmas season 230 Americans visited the emergency room every day for holiday-related injuries.

Make sure you to keep your family safe and happy this holiday season by following these important tips from the CPSC.

Deck the Halls (Very Carefully)

Between 2011 and 2015 the CSPC directly surveyed 100 emergency rooms across the country to find out which Christmas activities were most dangerous. Out of 1,700 Christmas related injuries, 1,200 were related to decorating.

Christmas lights and other ornaments that require climbing a ladder to set up are some of the biggest risks. Always be sure to use your ladder safely, and keep three points of contact (your feet and hands) on the ladder at all times.

Also, check your Christmas lights are safe for outdoor use, and test them before setting them up. When in doubt, throw them out, because damaged lights can cause all sorts of injuries.

Like the CSPC warns:

"Falling from a ladder and stepping on broken ornaments may be funny in holiday movies but in real life, these and similar mishaps result in visits to the emergency room, or calls to fire departments, for thousands of consumers each year"

Ouch, Christmas Tree

Christmas tree accidents are common all throughout the holiday season, but can be avoided with a little common sense.

If you're using a fake tree, make sure the box says it's heat resistant. For live trees, check that the tree is "fresh," with green needles that don't fall off easily. Either way, keep your tree away from heat sources like candles and fireplaces.

Be sure to keep any small ornaments (or other decorations) high up so children can't reach them. There are lots of cases of children swallowing tiny ornaments every year.

Oh, and if your tree is too big, don't try to trim it with a chainsaw. Records show at least one person injured themselves with that bright idea.


Patience Is A Virtue

On Christmas Day, there's a dramatic increase of injuries related to opening presents with knives or scissors.

Apparently, people are so desperate to enjoy their gifts they forget the most important rule: always cut away from your bod. If you can, just stick to opening boxes with your hands.

Remember: you've waited all month with your presents under the tree, a few more minutes won't hurt you - but reaching for the scissors might.

Finally there are some Christmas injuries even we can't provide tips for.

The CSPC reports a handful of "stocking-related" injuries each year, and your guess is as good as ours about how those come about.

The agency also reports that one woman twisted her ankle while dancing from joy on Christmas Day, and another suffered arm pain from "ringing bells," so keep your Christmas cheer at a safe and acceptable level this year.


Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Share these tips to make sure your family avoids any stocking-related injuries!

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