Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Was Contemplating Suicide At The Height Of Her Fame

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It's no secret that Hollywood favors certain body shapes and sizes over others, and sometimes, no matter how much talent one has, body image seems to play a more important role, just ask Kelly Clarkson.

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The singer and first ever American Idol winner has been known to shut down body-shamers for commenting on her appearance. Just this past Fourth of July, she was forced to reply to a tweet calling her fat because she understood how a mean comment like that "might impact other people," especially her young fans who may not have skin as thick as she does.

"I need you to know words are powerful and have weight and gravity to them. So thatโ€™s why I do it โ€” but I also love being a smart ass," explained Clarkson in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

However, she wasn't always as tough as she is now.

Clarkson struggled with self-image issues throughout her career. When she first broke into the scene, she was urged by some of the industry's decision makers to stay as skinny as possible, and although she tried to keep up, it took a huge toll on her physical and mental health.


The 35-year-old pop star revealed in an interview with Attitude magazine that at one point she went through an extremely dark period during which she contemplated suicide.

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