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Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint In Multi-Million Dollar Heist

Kim Kardashian-West has been robbed at gunpoint at her hotel in Paris, reports say.

Five armed men, disguised as police officers, broke in to her hotel room which the celeb was sleeping. She was handcuffed and gagged, and left in the bathtub while the robbers made off with over $12million US of jewelry and mobile phones. The thieves made off on bicycles and have yet to be caught by authorities.

Kim Kardashian West was unharmed physically, and apparently begging the robbers to spare her life because she has two young children at home. She is badly shaken after the event, calling it the worst moment of her life.

As for how they got access to the celebrity, the robbers also tied up the concierge and held him at gunpoint, forcing him to divulge which room Kim Kardashian was staying in. The hotel was a private residence, but it's unclear where her security team was at the time.

The robbery comes a week after a man tried grabbing Kim Kardashian West's behind while she was leaving a restaurant.

People online have been poking fun at the situation, saying she deserves it for her fame. But it's nothing to be laughed about.

The Kardashian family has been radio-silence since the incident, something very unusual for them. They have had concerns in the past of people using social media tags to find the family's exact location at any given time, and this certainly will add to those concerns.

Kim cooperated with the Paris police and has since left the country to return home.

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