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Kitten Finds Newborn Fawn And All He Wants To Do Is Play

When Jim Hausman's kitten, Miro, finds a baby deer on his doorstep, he tries to get the little one to play.

In a video shot by Jim and posted to Rumble under jhausman, the grey tabby playfully jumps around and taps on the newborn deer.

It's hard being new in the world and the little Bambi was clearly conserving its energy. Feisty kitten or no, the little deer patiently endured the pouncing.

Although they meant well, Hausman and his friend should not have moved the fawn. Thankfully, it was reunited with Mama, and the world got a glimpse at the sweetest inter-species baby interaction.

For future reference, here's what to do and not to do according to the British Columbia SPCA:

Do -

  • If the fawn is lying quietly and appears uninjured, leave it alone. It is normal for a mother deer to leave her baby alone for periods of time. Remember that the mother deer will be wary of you, so your presence in the area could discourage her from returning. Leave the area.
  • Keep pets away from the area.
  • If you think the fawn is not being cared for by its mother, return the next day to check on it. If it is in the exact same spot and bleating (crying out), it may be orphaned.

Don't -

  • Don't touch the fawn. If you have already handled it, find a towel, rub it in the grass, and wipe the fawn down to remove your scent.
  • Don't move the fawn. If you have moved it, return it to its original location, unless the area is unsafe. If the fawn is dangerously close to a road, move it to the side.
  • Don't attempt to capture and care for the fawn yourself. If it is orphaned or injured, contact a wildlife rehabilitator for assistance. It is important to handle deer orphans carefully and minimize human contact to give them the best chance of returning to the wild.

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