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Kitten Hit By Car Looks Like a Purr-ito in his Body Cast

A kitten named Davey owes his life to the kindness of a stranger. The person, who remains anonymous, found Davey on the side of the road completely unable to move (don't know about you, but I'm already crying.) The Good Samaritan brought Davey to Caring Fields Felines, a sanctuary in Palm City, Florida, that helps rescue animals in need.

The sanctuary rushed the injured kitten to Savanna Animal Hospital, where a team of doctors donate resources and time to help the cats the sanctuary rescues. Without them, little Davey wouldn't be alive today. He had a broken cervical vertebra that needed to be set with a body cast immediately. Putting him down was never an option.

Now, six weeks later, Davey is doing great. During the day he stays at the vet's office for constant care, and then a vet technician takes him home every night. Davey is never alone.

He even made a new friend! Oakley, a 3-year-old foster dog, has become fast friends with Davey, always running to his side when Davey cries. They're like brothers.

Davey is making progress, and if all goes well the cast will come off in about four weeks. Davey will have a lot of physical therapy ahead of him, but the hope is once he's recovered he will find his furr-ever home. How could someone not want to adopt this little guy?

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