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Lassie Who? This Beagle Holds 3 World Records

Can your dog sit? How about stay? Roll over? That's pretty good if they can do all three. How about skipping over a jump rope 58 times in 60 seconds?

We doubt it, because Purin, an 11-year-old Beagle from Ito, Japan just set a world record for doing that many jumps. Pretty impressive right? Well that's just one of the three Guinness World Records Purin has racked up in the past two years.

Purin, and her owner Makoto Kumagai, both worked together to break the current record for "most skips by a dog and person in a single minute using the same rope,"  which was 51 - and oh, by the way, that was their own previous record!

But Purin isn't a one-trick pooch. She made a name for herself with her first world record, catching 14 mini soccer balls in one minute. Kumagai says Purin is "relaxed," but she looks pretty competitive on the soccer field.

This last record is definitely Purin's most impressive. My dog will barely look at me if I don't have a treat in my hand, but Kumagai somehow trained Purin to roll 10 metres on a ball. If that wasn't cool enough, this super pooch does it in under 12 seconds.

If you gave me a month to practice this, I don't think I could beat her time.

So congratulations to Purin! Not many people manage to win three world records, let alone dogs. I wonder what Purin's next record will be for. Maybe hang gliding, or archery.

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