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15 Animals Who Hate Mornings Just As Much As You Do

Are you one of those people who jumps out of bed in the morning ready to take on the day? No? Me neither. It takes in the upwards of three alarms and several rounds of "snooze" before I can force myself out of bed. You may think that animals are often excited to get out of bed but I can guarantee you that we aren't the only mammals who could use a few more minutes under the covers. These 15 animals are the representation of us non-morning people.


This Dog who just gets it. Bed isn't something someone should rush out of. It's a process, a slow one.

This bear who has had about enough of the early morning wake up calls

This panda who can't be bothered to stop their baby from attacking them

Great Dane's got the right idea. If you can't see the person forcing you out of bed, they can't see you therefore letting you stay in bed.

This vocal cat objects to their owner making their bed.

This Monkey who needs help to hold themselves up today.

This dog who would rather get belly rubs then go outside.

This duck who is trying their best to keep awake

This dog who understands how annoying stairs really are.

This squirrel who needed a break half way across the yard.

This cat who figured out a better way to drink water

This polar bear who conserves energy by only using half the leg power

This sleepy sloth is ready for bed.

This bear who is just resting his eyes.

And this baby puppy who just can't anymore.

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