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The Perfect Gift For The Book Lover In Your Life: A Literal "Book Bag"

Book lovers rejoice! There is a collection of purses out there just for you!

Krukrustudio makes beautiful leather bags that feature covers of famous books so you can easily represent your favorite authors and fandoms. Everything from Jane Austen to Harry Potter is available in the etsy store .

These leather bags are handcrafted with years of experience. The makers started by making "regular bags" out of felt but have added leather and cotton padding and begun to experiment with different shapes. The book shaped bags have proved to be extremely popular, and for obvious reasons! Look at these!

The detailed work they put into each piece is pretty remarkable. They have a collection of ready-to-ship bags that are based childhood favorites including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan, or classic pieces of literature like, Hamlet, or Jane Eyre.

You can even make a custom order if the book you want isn't available!

Christmas is just around the corner now, time to start thinking of what to get those book lovers in your life! Check out some of the other options below and then head over to their Etsy shop to order yours now!

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