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Leslie Jones Arrived in Rio so Now the Olympics Can Actually Begin

If you haven't heard, Leslie Jones live-tweeted the Olympics and it was magical. NBC loved it so much, in fact, they decided to fly her out to Rio so she could witness the insane athleticism firsthand. And because the universe is wonderful, she has officially arrived in Rio and is Snapchatting the entire experience. If you aren't already following her, you need to be. Her Snapchat name is "lesdoggg" and I can guarantee you it will have you scream-laughing. But if you don't have Snapchat, don't worry. I've got it all right here for you.

Here she is on the plane. Snapchat even gave Leslie her own filter! That's how you know this is a big deal.

And here she is actually IN Rio

And here's her accommodations for her stay. Not too shabby.

And here she is trying to understand the culture of Rio.

And most recently, here she is with her official Rio credentials. I feel like I, too, am now part of this Rio experience.


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