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Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted the Olympics and It Was a Gift from God

Leslie Jones has shot into stardom over the past few months. She started as a writer on Saturday Night Live and now appears regularly on the comedy show. In addition, she's part of the new all female Ghostbusters movie. Though she received a lot of unnecessary criticism regarding her race and body-type, Jones handled it like the badass she is and came out even better on the other side.

Recently, Jones has added Olympic commentator to her list of accomplishments. Okay, so not officially. But we think she could definitely win an Emmy in the News category.

This was her first teaser for us all. A pump-up, if you will.

Then she gets right into it, supporting the women's volleyball team. (WARNING: Explicit language)

And she certainly feels for the swimmer who started crying on the podium.

And like the rest of us, she is in complete awe of Katie Ledecky, who is basically an actual fish.

She certainly echoed everyone's thoughts on Olympic Table Tennis.

And when she started screaming her encouragement at the USA cyclist, hoping she would be heard all the way in Rio.

And you know Leslie is all about girl power. (WARNING: Explicit language)

And finally, when she stood up for all those gymnasts out there. (WARNING: Explicit language)

It's pretty clear that Leslie Jones is just an all-around great person. Her commentating skills are frankly more entertaining than most of the actual professionals. To be honest, that's probably what earned her an invite from NBC to come to the Olympics and watch some of these events live. Who knows? She may even be invited to be a guest commentator for NBC. Although she probably won't be able to be as...invested...as she is on Twitter. But hey, any Leslie Jones is a good Leslie Jones.

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