Life Can Change In An Instant, New Babies Are The Best Gamechangers.

So much chan change in the blink of an eye. One minute, you're a very pregnant woman: waiting, waiting, waiting for your little one to arrive and then, in an instant, there she is in your arms, looking up at you with those beautiful new eyes. You're a new person in those seconds - the seconds that divide your existance between then and now, before and after.

It must have seemed like one second ago to Wes Eisenhauer. He and his wife were the parents of one daughter, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second, and suddenly, they are a family of four.

Wes posted a beautiful split-screen image of his wife in response to the awe he felt about the changes that came in the course of a single week.

"I took the picture on the left one week ago, I took the picture on the right today. Life is beautiful," he wrote on Facebook, June 2. Eisenhauer shared the picture on Reddit where it received over 3 thousand upvotes. It has also been viewed over 1 million times on Imgur.

That little smile and those cheeks are enough to make all manner of waiting worthwhile:

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of life growing, changing and filling up with love! Congratulations to the Eisenhauer family!

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