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Disney Is At It Again. A Live-Action Lion King Is Happening

Apparently nothing is sacred. Disney has announced that The Lion King will be getting the same live-action 're-imagining' treatment as The Jungle Book. To Disney's credit, Jungle Book earned over $965 million in theaters and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats for any news about The Beauty and the Beast movie, so they are just trying to give the people what they want.


They have even confirmed that the project will have the same director as Jungle Book did: Jon Favreau. He will also be directing the sequel that is currently in the works. This is just the next in a long line of live-action versions with Maleficient, Cinderella and the two Alice in Wonderland movies, but you have to wonder if some things just should be left alone.


The Lion King is often noted as one of the best animated Disney movies that ever was made so is it worth it to try to replicate what made it a hit? How good can it be without Jonathan Taylor Thomas' raspy voice as young Simba or Nathan Lane as the sarcastic Timon, or the wonderful Rowan Atkinson as the persnickety Zazu. Maybe we will reunite the original cast and see Whoopi Goldberg, Mathew Broderick, Jeremy Irons and the majestic James Earl Jones together to do the voice overs for what I assume will be CGI animals. Hey Disney, if you insist on doing this make sure it is good okay?


What do you think about this? I will try to hold off my judgement until the movie comes out but it's hard when they are trying to re-imagine something that doesn't really need an re-imagining. It's perfect as is! Let's hope it goes well and it ends up as a wonderful success like Jungle Book did - and if not, Hakuna Matata right?

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