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Unusual Trio Says Goodbye to One of Their Own

In 2001 an unusual discovery was made during a raid on a drug dealer's home. A Lion, a tiger and a bear were found in abusive conditions in the basement of the house. Maybe he was a really big Wizard of Oz fan? Luckily the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary was able to take in the animals and give them a better life. The trio were the best of friends and totally inseparable. They had been living in the same enclosure for 15 years right up until the sanctuary workers noticed Leo's change in condition.

After 15 years, Leo the Lion is the first of the three animals to fall ill, with an exploratory surgery revealing that his liver was covered in masses. A celebration of his life began, where his "brothers" Baloo the Black Bear and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger were given time to say goodbye to their long time friend.  

Baloo and Shere Khan have been doing very well since the passing of their friend, and they have been getting plenty of extra attention and love to help them through the difficult time.

You should cheeck out there Facebook page that has an entire album of the trio so lovingly refereed to as "BLT" and see the remarkable pictures of these animals together or watch the video below.

Goodbye Leo, you will be missed!

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