Little Free Libraries are Popping Up All Over and We Couldn't Be More Excited

In a world full of technology-based activities, it's nice to see something homegrown catching on.

Little Free Library is a project started in 2009 that encourages people to build a small library (or you can buy one) and fill it with books they no longer use. When people come to your spot, they can take a book you have left and leave one of their own. It's an incredible way to encourage literacy and community building all at once.

Little Free Libraries are taking the world by storm. Detroit just announced they'll be "planting" the libraries in all 97 of their public schools. "The goal is bold, has never been done before, and could become a blueprint for other school districts across the nation to circulate books among children," says the founder of Detroit Little Libraries, Kim Kozlowski. According to a recent study, 93% of eighth graders at Detroit public schools are not proficient in reading. Kozlowski is hoping Little Free Libraries can help turn that statistic around.

These little pop-ups are bringing people together in communities and allowing kids to get their hands dirty in building their libraries. It's a great idea that hopefully keeps growing quickly! The libraries are all registered in a database so you can go online and see how close the nearest one to you is.

What do you think? Would you make one of these for your yard? Let us know!

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