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Little Girl With Cancer Asked Santa For Just One Thing

Little Makaela Mongo is just seven years old and she has been battling bone cancer since August. Just two months ago, in October, Makaela had to have her left leg amputated due to the disease and is still receiving chemotherapy.

Even though she's going through difficult treatment, her mom, Carmen Richison, says she hasn't even cried once. Little Makaela is an understanding and positive fighter!

On December 3, Richison and photographer Mary Rosecrans organized a special visit with Santa. Makaela didn't know it, but in his bag of toys hid a very special present!

Watch what happens when Makaela sees what Santa's brought her!

When Makaela  has finished her chemo treatments, her new puppy, Jaxon will go home with her to start their new life together!

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