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Little Girl's Heartfelt Gift Makes This Grieving Mom Burst Into Tears

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Time and time again, young children manage to teach us adults an important lesson about what really matters in life.

Months after 6-year-old Logan Braatz was killed during an attack by a group of stray dogs, his community in southwest Atlanta is still reeling. Logan and his neighbor Syrai Sanders were waiting at the bus stop when the strays suddenly attacked.

While Syrai is recovering from the attack, Logan sadly died from his injuries. Since that tragic day in January, Logan's last words, "I love you mommy, I'll see you after school," have haunted his mother Angelica. The Braatz family also struggled to cover the cost of young Logan's funeral.

Logan Braatz, 6, was just walking to the bus stop with his friends when he was attacked and killed by two dogs.

Posted by WSB-TV on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

But just as wisdom comes out of the mouths of babes, sometimes children remind us the kind of compassion and sensitivity we should show in situations like this. One of Logan's classmates, 6-year-old Sahoni Cloud, gave us all an incredible demonstration of love.

It moved Logan's mother to tears, and it just might make you cry too.

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