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What This Father Teaches His Daughter Will Set Her Up For A Lifetime Of Success

Over two million people have viewed this video of father and daughter in the bathroom.

As she stands on the sink, he tells her to look herself in the eyes. She giggles at first, but as she repeats his words, you can see that she really feels what he's having her say.

Little Aliya Austin's father is a personal trainer, program director at their local YMCA and holds THREE degrees. This guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to personal empowerment.

He stands behind his daughter, encouraging the little girl to feel confident and powerful with an equal touch of humility. It is a tender teaching moment that is extra special. It is so important for little girls to have supportive male role models and Austin clearly knows this.

Thousands of people agree - simply by loving and supporting his daughter, Austin has shared a very powerful message: it is important to care for our own wellness of spirit, wellness of the mind and wellness of body.

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