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Little Girl's Rare Condition Makes Every Day The Most Adorable Bad Hair Day (Photos)

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Every so often we wake up with a serious case of "bed head," but imagine living your whole life that way.

That's what it's like for Shilah Yin, a 7-year-old girl from Melbourne, Australia who lives with "uncombable hair syndrome," also called "spun glass hair" because of how thin, fragile strands stick out.

Shilah as a baby.shilahmadison / Instagram

It's a genetic condition passed down by parents, and simply caused because the hairs have a slightly different shape that makes them stand out. It can be painful and uncomfortable, but usually gets better after childhood.

Albert Einstein was believed to have uncombable hair syndrome.@alberteinstein / Twitter

Some people actually suspect that famous scientist Albert Einstein's frizzy locks were caused by the condition, which is so rare that only about 100 people on earth have it.

Unlike Shilah, her brother Taeran's hair is completely straight.shilahmadison / Instagram

That made little Shilah feel like a "unicorn" when she was little, but now she's embraced her condition. "Shilah loves her unique hair," her mother Celeste says, "but that has come from constant positive reinforcement at home from friends and family.”

Shilah's hair after using a straightening brush.shilahmadison / Instagram

Smoothing down Shilah's impressive do can take as much as 20 minutes of work in the morning, using detangling solutions and a very gentle wide-toothed comb. But one stylist has a more creative solution.

Watch how he tames this hair on the next page!

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